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Chat with your Swift data !

Chat with your Swift data ! August 19, 2023 Chat with your Swift data ! Discover Swiftagent, the breakthrough AI demonstrator that elevates your inter-banking data experience, unlocking a host of benefits for better, faster, and more outcomes ! 🔗 Check it now : The power of Swiftflow, now via Swiftagent… 💡 Better Outcomes: Improve the […]

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ISO20022 supported !

ISO20022 supported ! February 4, 2022  White text A single language for the payment flows worldwide ? ISO20022.Now supported by Swiftflow. The year 2022 will be crucial for banks, at a decisive moment to interconnect networks and countries transparently. Following some major payment systems already fully migrated like CIPS (China) or NG-RTGS (India), many others will […]

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SIX data science labs

SIX data science labs Corporate Actions handling relies on complex data that covers many asset classes and event types. SIX has created a Data Science Lab, running on GCP, that centralizes preprocessed Corporate Actions, Instrument, Reference, and Pricing data, accumulated over more than 10 years. Recently Alpina Analytics was given the opportunity to access the […]

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