The definition and scoping of use cases and related metrics are key aspects of a successful project, before the suitability of data, tool and platform can be assessed. We are glad to engage with you on the entire journey and can bring you the expertise in the following fields, a quite unique combo on the market.

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  • Translate your ideas into deliverables that are designed to run in production, by combining curiosity and experience.
  • Extract value and knowledge from data by bringing context and specific skills for transactional banking
  • Embrace state-of-the art technologies that cover the entire analytics workflow in combination with our products

→ Expertise in data analytics (certified GCP ML engineer), machine learning and banking operations


  • Treat data with highest care and making true difference by putting data at the center of the project
  • Learn from big data so as to keep only lightweight business logic in real-time
  • Manage expectations with transparent communication and best practices for software development
→ Expertise in data engineering (Scala), software development (Java, Python), cloud (Azure, GCP), containerized packaging (Docker, Kubernetes), performance testing

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