Data and AI trends 2024

Data and AI trends 2024

Data and AI trends 2024

April 23, 2024

1. Gen AI will speed the delivery of insights across organizations
2. The roles of data and AI will blur
3. AI innovation will hinge on strong data governance
4. Operational data will unlock gen AI potential for enterprise apps
5. 2024 will be the year of rapid data platform

More in the article from Google Cloud here (click on the image)..

A few extracts..

“As the use of AI becomes more widespread, the speed at which companies can go from raw data to AI is becoming increasingly important.”

“2024 is the year BI evolves into its most powerful form. Gen AI will liberate analysts from data wrangling, empowering them to ask bolder questions. Insights will be proactive, not reactive. This is the year data becomes our most strategic asset.”

“In 2024, the separation between data and AI is dissolving. It’s no longer about having a data strategy and a separate AI strategy.”

“2024 is a watershed moment for generative AI. […] Those who proactively establish strong AI governance practices are the ones who will unlock the true potential of this technology.”

“Organizations will be prioritizing data accuracy, data quality, and data trust throughout 2024.”

“Large language models on their own are insufficient for building high quality and non-hallucinating enterprise gen AI apps. Databases bridge that gap by grounding the LLMs and the applications in the actual enterprise data to provide accurate, domain-specific experiences.”

“Legacy databases are holding some organizations back, due to lagging technology and poor user experience.”

Do you see why ISO 20022 ticks the boxes here ?
Do you want to democratize it with your analysts leveraging Gen AI ?

Then we shall talk.

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