Day: April 25, 2024

ISO 20022 & AI : Transforming banking ?

ISO 20022 & AI : Transforming banking ? Recent projections from McKinsey & Company underscore the transformative potential of AI in the banking sector. Paired with Swift’s use cases for ISO 20022, this suggests an intriguing synergy. On the left: McKinsey’s insights on AI’s value in banking. Find the full article here. On the right: […]

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Data and AI trends 2024

Data and AI trends 2024 April 23, 2024 1. Gen AI will speed the delivery of insights across organizations2. The roles of data and AI will blur3. AI innovation will hinge on strong data governance4. Operational data will unlock gen AI potential for enterprise apps5. 2024 will be the year of rapid data platform More […]

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ISO 20022 – Data strategies

ISO 20022 – Data strategies April 22, 2024 ISO 20022 is reshaping the payments industry and potentially more. As it gains global adoption, leaders must strategically manage and leverage the rich, structured data it provides. Integrating with AI platforms will be crucial to stay ahead in the evolving industry. 🌐 Explore the articles we’ve published […]

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