ISO 20022 : Widening the lens

ISO 20022 : Widening the lens

ISO 20022 : Widening the lens

November 21, 2023

Industry collaboration in the fight against financial crime

“There is space for more collaboration, which is legally permissible.”

“Put all your efforts to structure your data and to share them with all others in the chain.”

“What we are talking about here is the clarity in the full banking chain of steps starting from the initiating party until the final beneficiary party.”

“Even if there are the best solutions on the market offering machine learning solutions and all these new technology possibilities, we have to upgrade our environment to be able to work with that.”

“At the strategic level, we are approaching a period where payments reform and ISO 20022 implementation is providing for tremendous opportunity in economic crime detection.”

“We may squander that opportunity if we don’t bring strategic leadership at the national and intergovernmental level to really utilize and interpret ISO 20022 in a consistent way for economic crime purposes.”

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