Chat with your Swift data !

Chat with your Swift data !

Chat with your Swift data !

August 19, 2023

Chat with your Swift data !

Discover Swiftagent, the breakthrough AI demonstrator that elevates your inter-banking data experience, unlocking a host of benefits for better, faster, and more outcomes !

🔗 Check it now :

The power of Swiftflow, now via Swiftagent

💡 Better Outcomes: Improve the timeliness and precision of your alerts (e.g. reduce false positives), while gaining knowledge about your transactions and business processes, clients and counterparties, including address structuration.

💼 More Outcomes: Unlock the true potential of your data across various use cases in your company (Cash Management, Post-Trade, Payments, Compliance, …) with a solid data foundation for analytics.

⏩ Faster Outcomes: Expedite data analytics projects and reports by bypassing laborious data sourcing and preparation. Embrace globally standardized data at the source and sidestep the need for custom metadata maintenance.

🎯 User-Friendly: Engage with your business users with high-level interfaces, while granting your data people a first-class analytics experience with state-of-the-art (cloud) platforms, and a widely untapped dataset.

Enjoy !