Day: April 19, 2024

ISO 20022 – The messaging of the Finternet ?

ISO 20022 – The messaging of the Finternet ? April 16, 2024 A paper released today by the Bank for International Settlements – BIS describes the “financial system for the future,” called the Finternet, that would use unified ledgers as a vehicle. “This paper lays out a vision for the Finternet: multiple financial ecosystems interconnected with […]

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ISO 20022 — Front-to-back-to-front

ISO 20022 — Front-to-back-to-front April 12, 2024 For decades, the banking sector has been divided into two distinct realms: the glamorous front office, where savvy relationship managers woo clients and close deals, and the enigmatic back office, a complex labyrinth of data processing and business operations aimed at running the bank efficiently and with minimal risk. Traditionally, […]

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