Install it (GCP)

Install it (GCP)


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Installation (GCP)


In order to deploy your application being deploy Swiftflow as a Kubernetes application to Google Kubernetes Engine(GKE) on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you will need to install the following tools :

You can then run the below command to configure kubectl to interact with the cluster where the application is installed :

gcloud container clusters get-credentials "MY_CLUSTER"

Note that the Application Custom Resource Definition (CRD) is installed by default in GKE.

Access Swiftlow API

Swiftflow is exposed by default in a ClusterIP-only service named MY_RELEASE_NAME-swiftflow. To connect to the Swiftflow API, you can either expose a public service endpoint or keep it private and connect from your local environment with kubectl port-forward.

Forward Switflow API port in local environment

You can use port forwarding feature of kubectl to forward Swiftflow’s port to your local machine. Run the following command in background:

kubectl port-forward --namespace MY_RELEASE_NAMESPACE MY_RELEASE_NAME-swiftflow-0 9000

Now you can access Swiftflow at http://localhost:9000/`.